Metagenics is a manufacturer and natural health brand that realizes each one of us is unique, and that we all face our own individual health challenges. That's why Metagenics focuses on something that truly makes you a unique human being - your genes. Through a practice known as nutrigenomics, Metagenics creates nutritional supplements to help address your specific health needs based on your genetic potential.

Have you realized your genetic potential through nutrition? That's how the people at Metagenics believe you can live a happier, healthier life.

Metagenics' creates products based upon the understanding that every one of us is quite unique. We each have different DNA that makes us who we are. This means we will all have certain health issues that will need to be addressed throughout our lives - and for each individual - the best way to do so won't be quite the same as the next person.

Metagenics is a big proponent of "lifestyle medicine," which includes a healthier diet and a beneficial exercise routine. However, you can also make a healthy lifestyle even more effective with nutritional support that's targeted specifically to you.

The research-based nutraceuticals, medicinal foods and other products from Metagenics are designed to help you find what's right for your own personal needs. It may be Omega-3 Fish Oil, UltraMeal shake mix or Protein Bars.

Every Metagenics offering you find here on the Clinical Nutrition Centers website is backed by research conducted by the Metagenic's in-house scientific staff. They work to create innovative formulas of the highest quality in order to deliver on the promise to positively impact your health.

Metagenics has a history of working closely with healthcare providers and has become one of the most-trusted names in neutrogenomic based health and lifestyle medicine. They've set the standard for quality in the industry.

Clinical Nutrition Centers is proud to partner with Metagenics to bring you hundreds of different products to help you reach your full potential of maximum health.



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