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PRM Resolve Liquid 150 mL By NutriDyn

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PRM Resolve Liquid provides pro-resolving lipid mediators (PRM), which help encourage specialized pro-resolving mediator (SPM) production in the body.◆ Since SPMs are the result of PRMs, ingesting more PRMs leads to producing more SPMs.◆ The benefits of more SPMs may include the support of healthy blood lipid and lipid mediator profiles, promoting cardiovascular health, and supporting balanced immune responses.◆   SPM production is affected by several factors, particularly nutrition, health status, genetics, and lifestyle choices. Lack of SPM production may hinder the body’s ability to effectively support an immune response, thereby impacting health and well-being.◆   PRM Resolve Liquid is also formulated with docosapentaenoic acid (DPA) which is another omega-3 fatty acid that works alongside EPA and DHA. DPA is recognized for its potent health benefits and is considered an intermediary between EPA and DHA.◆ It can also help in the efficient conversion of EPA to DHA in the body and may enhance the benefits of these fatty acids.◆ Supplementation with PRM Resolve Liquid may include these additional benefits:   ● Promotes healthy immune responses◆   ● Supports a healthy blood lipid profile◆   ● Supports a unique lipid mediator profile◆   ● Supports cardiovascular health◆   ● Helps support omega-3 status◆

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