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    Thank you for your order.  Yes times are crazy.  Due to this CoronaVirus & the unwarranted hysteria, almost all manufacturers' immune related products have been wiped out from suppliers who supply physician offices and from the manufacturers themselves.  Over 90% of immune related products are on manufacturer back order status and are 2-8 weeks behind in getting to clinics like us. 

    Simply speaking, the entire spectrum of US citizens who even quasi-believe, or think, or hope, or rationalize that improving immune system health is better than doing nothing for the CoronaVirus, has recently purchased every professional grade product on the market.  Even grocery stores and general health food stores are wiped out of their inferior non-professional grade immune system products. 

    We are a small holistic clinic with limited staff who have worked overtime every day this week and last week.  We do not have time to send personal emails.  Our voicemail box is full and it will likely stay that way.  We do not have the man power to satisfy every customer’s personal wishes to be treated special, we wish we could, we value every customer, but everyone thinks they are more special than everyone else.  If we did answer every call and email we would be out of business since we would never have time to order products from suppliers and manufacturers nor have the time to ship out the customers’ products ordered. 

    We will not cancel your order if it has not shipped yet. That is a BIG mistake, as you will be further behind obtaining products you desire as you wait for products to be shipped, but you are at the end of the line somewhere else for their back order statuses to be completed. It may likely be we have not yet even accepted payment for your order, which in this case we will not until we get notified that products are being shipped to us for your order. 

    If you are concerned with your payment being on a "Manual Verification Required" status, well that simply means we have not examined the credit card data to make sure the purchase was not a fraudulent attempt by someone using a stolen credit card.  Most payments are held by credit card banks in a “pending status” since customers direct a specific sum to be paid to a merchant.  This means the credit card bank first subtracts the purchase amount from your funds available amount so you do not overspend your limit, but that does not mean we have been paid yet, so your funds are in limbo. 

    We selectively use high anti-fraud filters and manually review all incoming payments to assist with fraud prevention.  We are trying to keep up with all of the purchase demands, but no one company can satisfy all customers’ demands at this time in history since the reality is that for the first time ever in the USA marketplace of nutritional supplements, the demand has overwhelmingly exceeded the supply. Even many of the raw materials supplies which manufacturers rely upon to make their products are out of stock at their suppliers. 

    We do not intentionally ignore our customers, although it takes 5-10 minutes or longer to write a single email on top of manually verifying payment data for fraud attempts, all for EACH order.  We must concentrate ONLY on obtaining products and shipping orders.  Please give us up to a week to answer emails, longer for phone message return calls.

    We the staff have lives outside of the office, and have families whom would like to have some together and rest time.  We are trying to balance work and to not be too stressed out with customer demands, nor from the authorities telling us to not associate amongst other things all of us Americans are dealing with.  At this moment in history, customer demands cannot be humanly satisfied.  Simply put, all customers are sincerely welcome for all we are trying to do for them, and are in fact doing for them behind the scenes, but there is just no easy way to automate communication telephone and email content to satisfy the panicky nation. 

    We are working 14-16 hour days trying to find products for you even if they are similar raw material substitutes by different Brands than you ordered which will at least provide the same effect for you.  Please be happy with any of our alternative suggestions we send to you in emails and SERIOUSLY consider using them for one or two rounds until product Brands you really wanted are being manufactured again and are back in our stock. 

    As our website clearly states with new our new shipping advisories, we are 1-2 weeks or more behind in shipping orders due to manufacturer back orders and supply depletion nationwide.  There is just NO way to accelerate shipping any orders when product simply does not exist. 

    Please make your final decision on how you would like us to handle your order.  Please just email us through your account after signing in and tell us to substitute products which are similar to what you ordered and to bill your card a second time for any difference in price if in fact there is any difference. 

    We will be shipping out to you on a first orders in are first orders out when supply is restocked.  Please be patient with your order fulfillment. 

    Your best choice is to simply wait for the order to be fulfilled by us, as your alternative will be that you find yourself wasting tons of time stressing out over things out of your control and finding yourself in a longer queue when trying to get products elsewhere that are depleted nationwide. 

    In Health,


    The Doctor and staff at CNC