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We ask you to consider reading the Questions below, and if you answer any one of them with a “YES”, then contact us for a free consultation and schedule an appointment with Clinical Nutrition Centers today!


1. Are you tired of being “sick and tired?”

2. Are you fed up with being told, “You have to live with the condition, and it will only continue to get worse over time”?

3. Have you had enough of the prescription pharmaceutical drug merry-go-round?

4. Are you tired of taking “natural” supplements without much improvement, and you fear you will be stuck taking these supplements forever?

5. Have you been offered pharmaceutical drugs to “manage” the condition and been told that the drugs will not reverse the condition but “may” offer you some lessened pain or suffering or slow down the progressive worsening of your condition?

6. Are you tired of being in pain and having limited capacity to live a wonderfully healthy lifestyle, full of activity, energy, and vigor?

7. Have you had enough of traditional doctors advising you to take pharma drugs which contaminate and pollute your body, but never solve the root cause of your health problems?

8. Have you tried for years to solve your own health problems yourself by spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on vitamins and supplements that you did not know were poor quality, cheap, and eventually ineffective even if they were sold by someone or a store you thought was knowledgeable or reputable?

9. Have you tried to follow advice given through radio programs and/or during in-person consultations by so-called “natural practitioners” who have told you to purchase hundreds of dollars of products?

10. Are you tired of explaining your health problems and symptoms to “natural practitioners” who have they failed to achieve real solutions to reverse your conditions, but rather have offered you “natural” band-aids that you must buy from them forever?


Here at Clinical Nutrition Centers we strive to educate patients on restoring ideal cellular chemistry, organ function and emotional and mental well being, as well as inform them about the importance of regular exercise and whole body detoxification. We incorporate a multiple-step healing strategy which allows the body to progress towards a state of optimum health.

No two people have the exact same genetic history and lifetime exposure to toxic loads, thus there can't be one solution for everyone. With so many options available regarding homeopathic supplements, why not allow us to help you find the most bio-compatible restorative health supplement products that are right for you?

You can now stop the nutritional supplement merry-go-round and stop spending hundreds of dollars a month on health supplements that you randomly select from a shelf, or have been advised to take by “health practitioners.” Relieve yourself of the guesswork and temporary relief with help from Clinical Nutrition Centers.

Bring your healthcare into the 21st century and use advanced European technology to determine the exact products that specifically resonate with your unique cellular and organ needs. Whether your desire is prevention of disease, or finally getting to the root of an existing health problem, we highly recommend that you contact us today to get your body back on a path to true wellness!

We have a variety of ways to help our patients heal their bodies and reach their health goal including:

  • Comprehensive Bio-Energetic Meridian Assessment Scans (BEMA)
  • Customized bio-compatible nutritional product selection technologies
  • Laser allergy elimination methods
  • Individualized detox cleansing system

We Look forward to accompanying you on this life-enhancing journey.

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