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    Vision & Mission


    Our Vision is to deliver the best available health and wellness products and services at the most affordable prices. We also strive to serve those who are less financially stable such as military veteran, orphaned children and others who desire natural and nutritionally based healthcare, through a charitable non-profit healthcare facility

    Our Mission is to help you regain the highest quality of health that is genetically possible, restore the ability of your body to heal and thrive as God designed it to do, and to enable your body to do what it is engineered to do best. Our goal is to help your body heal itself through the use of customized therapies delivered in the right sequence at the right time, in the correct dosages. The rest of your quality of life and longevity potential is up to your faith, belief, and the Almighty.


    Clinical Nutrition Centers' God-Centered Foundation

    At Clinical Nutrition Centers, we believe that the Biblical God (YHWH) is the Creator of the Universe and that He designed all living beings with the ability to stay alive and flourish in their environment. We do not believe that the universe was randomly created independently of God’s initiation. At Clinical Nutrition Centers, we believe that God had a fully engineered plan for this immeasurably complicated creation, and that mankind was the most dynamically complex part of it all. Therefore, Clinical Nutrition Centers believes human beings, and all other living things, are not engineered to self-destruct, nor are their bodies hard-wired to seek death. It is each living being’s innate quest to stay alive, be well, and maximize its longevity potential at the cellular level.

    Clinical Nutrition Centers exists for the following reasons:

    1. To serve as a fully licensed physician-based integrative health care facility.
    2. To provide patients and consumers with access to the most affordable and highest quality professional and nutritional supplement brands, including nutraceutical, herbal, and homeopathic products available throughout the world.Our health and wellness products feature superior clinical potencies and combinations that are not available to the general public except through licensed doctors.
    3. To provide patients and consumers with access to the most affordable and highest quality laboratory services available in the world.
    4. To assist in determining functional imbalances of hormonal, digestive, immune, learning and brain developmental imbalances.
    5. To introduce effective, holistic, European health technologies, including the use of Electroacupuncture (EAV) which was invented and made famous by Dr. Rheinhold Voll, MD of Germany. Clinical Nutrition Center also uses BioEnergetic Meridian Assessment (BEMA), another European health technique. This technology and testing method has produced more than 65 years of proven health recovery results worldwide.
    6. To introduce and integrate thermography, voltage therapies, and other state-of-the-art healing technologies in order to enable our patients to maximize health recovery results.
    7. To advance German biological medicine strategies for restoring health and wellness through precise, sequential organ detoxification.
    8. To promote the use of BEMA technology for determining accurate nutritional product selections, and dosages, through BEMA bio-compatibility product testing. This process is critically necessary for reaching health and wellness goals.
    9. To offer unique, integrative, and complementary health-restorative services currently not available or known to most people.
    10. To provide opportunities for hope and measureable success in improving and overcoming health challenges.
    11. To make alternatives for dangerous drugs and surgeries available in order to bring about new health beginnings!