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    You Are Toxic - Believe It!

    You Are Toxic - Believe It!


    Toxicity comes in the form of xenobiotics. The word "xenobiotic" is defined as: "Foreign, harmful organisms or residues of toxic substances not naturally occurring in the body." These xenobiotics overwhelm your immune and drainage systems, becoming pathogenic. Lab tests cannot detect and determine how to safely remove the toxic loads, but a Bio-Energetic Meridian Assessment through Clinical Nutrition Centers, can.

    Over time, your body accumulates:

    • Viruses

    • Fungi

    • Parasites

    • Bacteria

    • Heavy metals

    • Man-made chemicals

    • Vaccine residues

    • Unhealthy dental materials

    You also accumulate “mental toxins” such as toxic thoughts or emotional toxins (shame, guilt resentment, etc.). These toxin build-ups are the building blocks or root causes of all diseases.

    If you added all the various parts from the above list together, you would create a unique toxic soup within your body. The toxins in your body build up at such an alarming rate that your immune system struggles to keep up. Eventually, the toxins overpower your immune system leaving it unable to prevent the impending disease that results.

    By completely relying on laboratory tests to tell you when something is wrong, you may have missed the important warning signs that multiple organs were performing poorly. If you wait too long, the warning signs get worse each month or year, resulting in the current disease or illness you are now burdened with.

    Clinical Nutrition Centers can help you detect imbalances before it becomes too late. Isn’t it about time you start on the road to restoration, recovery, and wellness?