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    You Have Two Choices


    Now that you know you are toxic, what do you plan to do about it?


    You only have two choices:

    1. Act appropriately and choose to detoxify yourself with help from Clinical Nutrition Centers. This choice results in your overall health improvement, restoration, and recovery.

    2. Choose to ignore the toxicity, disbelieve toxicity exists, and do nothing. Your health issues will get worse, and you will die sooner than genetically programmed, with predictably more pain and suffering along the way.





    At Clinical Nutrition Centers, our health practitioner, Dr. Lawrence, utilizes healing strategy methods, 21st century computerized assessment technology, and more than 25 years of integrative medicine experience. Now is your time to learn precisely what your body needs!


    Dr. Lawrence’s wellness philosophy can be summed up with the following statement:

    “The right remedies at the right time, in the right sequence, at the right dosages, in the right terrain.”


    No other practitioner offers this service in the Pittsburgh area. Many will try to sell you thousands of dollars of products that just create fluorescent urine and expensive bowel movements. What good is that?


    In order to obtain total health, you must be willing to change the path you’ve been following on your health quest.With Clinical Nutrition Centers, we have the technology that allows you to listen to you body and let it tell you exactly what is holding you back from maximum health.


    The longer you wait to start on this health recovery road, the deeper the problems become, and your traditional physicians, with their broken concepts of health care, will only continue to diagnose you with more diseases.


    You owe it to yourself to step away from the old and failed medical model that keeps your family and loved ones trapped in a world of sickness management. Now is the time to walk into the 21st century world of unlimited health potential, recovery, and restoration!