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PHYSICA ENERGETICS Exclusive Professional Formulas are available through select licensed health care physicians.

Clinical Nutrition Centers is proud to be one of these few selected providers who can provide you with your desired PHYSICA ENERGETICS supplements.

PHYSICA ENERGETICS' policy restricts sales to the public unless you complete a complimentary brief health consultation.  However, you can order PHYSICA ENERGETICS products by first completing our Clinical Nutritional Centers patient and client health questionnaire,  Once we review the completed questionnaire, we can quickly review your answers to our questions and approve your desired product purchases.  You are then all set and will be able to order the PHYSICA ENERGETICS supplements you need, fast and easily online. makes PHYSICA ENERGETICS formulas available only to nutritional patient or client members of CNC. If you are already a patient, client, or existing customer of ours, you can resume ordering PHYSICA ENERGETICS products by first signing into your account and ordering.  If you find this difficult you may inquire about PHYSICA ENERGETICS products or order directly by emailing us.

Email us to Order PHYSICA ENERGETICS Products at

PHYSICA ENERGETICS is highly recognized as a top herbal supplement and remedy manufacturer.  CNC carries the entire PHYSICA ENERGETICS product line and happily offer all products to our Healthcare Client-Patient members.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to EMAIL us at for nutritional guidance. 

Clinical Nutrition Centers carries the entire PHYSICA ENERGETICS product line and can ship any product directly to you.  PHYSICA ENERGETICS is an internationally renowned natural supplement and remedy manufacturer that has partnered with select practitioners in order to ensure their products are used correctly for maximum benefits to the patient.  We are proud to offer their products to our patients and customers.  As Always if you have any questions regarding the use of PHYSICA ENERGETICS supplements do not hesitate to EMAIL us!



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