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    Customer Purchase Agreement

    1. Purchasing customers understand and agree that all sales are FINAL for orders which have completed payment processing, and/or which are still pending shipment, and/or for correctly shipped orders, whether shipments are still pending delivery by shipper or have been verified as having been delivered by the shipper via shipper package tracking methods.
    2. Customer understands and agrees that CNC DOES NOT AND WILL NOT ISSUE REFUNDS for products which have completed payment processing, for orders shipped to the address customer provided, for such packages verified via shipper tracking numbers as having been delivered, nor for products which were claimed by customer as having been damaged during shipping and/or delivery when full coverage shipping insurance for all products shipped was not voluntarily fully paid for by customer.
    3. Customer understands and agrees any opened product(s) are not eligible for refunds, and/or are fully non-refundable. 
    4. Customer undestands and agrees that CNC reserves the SOLE and EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to issue any conditional partial refunds, or to issue 100% product purchase price monetary store credit, or to issue product replacements for verified product damage occuring during shipment and delivery, and/or to issue any other remedies CNC offers pursuant to customer requests.
    5. Customer understands and agrees that most orders may ship within 1-3 days, however, for products which are not immediately available in CNC inventory or are in a Brand manufacturer back order status, orders may take 4-14 business days or longer to ship to customer. 
    6. Customer understands and agrees that CNC is not the Brand manufacturer for brands sold on its website and thus all products or ordered product quantities may not be immediately available as CNC inventory, therefore not available for immediate shipment, whereas, is such cases, CNC will procure the desired product(s) and ship the order when procurement is complete by the requested shipping method.  Shipping delays are acceptable for orders of multiple containers of the same Brand product & size. 
    7. Customer undestands and agrees that any customer purchase of USPS Priority or Express Mail or FedEx shipping services does not guarantee that product(s) are in stock nor will ship on the same day as orders are placed, and that shipping delays of 1-14 days or longer may occur due to product availability and manufacturer back order status.
    8. Customer understands and agrees if CNC has shipped to a customer incorrect product(s) the customer agrees CNC shall have the sole and exclusive right to re-ship to the customer the correct product in lieu of any refunds, provided customer has not tampered with bottle seals or labels or opened the incorrectly shipped product(s), whereby CNC will provide a pre-paid return shipping label and envelope to customer for return to CNC of the incrrect product(s) the customer received, however, if the customer has tampered with or opened such container(s), customer understands and agrees they are respnsible for purchasing such tampered and/or opened product(s).
    9. Customer understands and agrees in the event CNC extends a conditional refund to customer, customer agrees the refund is limited to 85% of product purchase price only, and customer agrees there are no refunds for shipping costs. CNC advises customer to accept CNC's offer for 100% store credit for the total product price paid instead of an 85% refund.
    10. Customer understands and agrees that if products were shipped with free shipping prepaid by CNC and customer requests a purchase refund, and CNC provides a conditional refund, customer refund total is limited to 85% of product purchase price minus shipping costs paid by CNC. 
    11. Customer understands and agrees to the 15% non-refundable fee for conditional refunds as a payment for costs incurred by CNC for credit card processing fees (purchase fees and refund fees) and re-stocking fees. 
    12. Customer understands and agrees when conditional refunds are initially awarded by CNC due to incorrect product(s) mistakenly shipped to the customer, in such case the customer agrees that CNC reserves the sole and exclusive right to refuse any returns on such mistakenly shipped product(s) if the returned product container(s) have been opened, altered, or damaged as observed by CNC once the product(s) are returned by the customer and received by CNC. 
    13. Customer understands and agrees CNC will provide to the customer 100% product purchase price store credit (minus shipping costs) for eligible returns after CNC receives products returned by customer and determined by CNC that the product containers are unopened, unaltered, and undamaged product returned by customer.
    14. Customer understands and agrees international shipments do not qualify for ANY refunds or returns.  All international sales are FINAL.