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    What is EAV Testing?

    Electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV) was developed during the 1950s by a German physician, Dr. Reinhold Voll, MD. This technique measures the electrical resistance parameters of the acupuncture meridians. At Clinical Nutrition Centers, when this procedure is performed, the client holds a brass metal handle while the practitioner uses a brass-tipped probe and touches the probe to specific EAV points on your hands and feet. A non-sensory electrical microcurrent emitted from direct current AA batteries is output through the brass handle and your body's electrical resistance to the microcurrent is measured where the probe is placed on the hands or feet. This allows a complete electrical circuit to occur and the resistance to be measured. The probe relays the information to the computer which then sorts and stores the information.

    The electrical voltage reading for a particular acupuncture point reflects the organ-meridian system's energetic level. If a reading comes in low (below 45) it can indicate an energetic blockage or degeneration of the organ-meridian system. Conversely, if the energetic reading comes in high (above 65) it can indicate energetical inflammation of the organ-meridian system.  

    This tool is a wonderful way to assess the BioEnergetic levels in a client and to monitor a client's progress with supplemental therapies. An initial BioEnergetic Assessment consists of measuring a minimum of 43 EAV acupuncture points to give an overall view of the energetic levels in the body. Once a priority point is established, the next step is to go into balancing mode and energetically test for balance, using homeopathic supplements, sensitivities, modalities, etc.

    How long does it take for an Initial Assessment?  

    An Initial Assessment usually takes 60 to 90 minutes. A follow-up assessment usually takes 30 to 60 minutes.

    Can you tell me if I have a disease?  

    EAV is not designed to provide a diagnosis, however it can assist in determining poorly functioning organ systems and help to decide what other diagnostic testing may be necessary in order to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Our healthcare practitioners at Clinical Nutrition Centers are licensed to diagnose and prescribe nutrition product recommendations. We can measure your energetic values and assist in balancing energies of the body through improving organ function.  

    Does Insurance cover your visit?  

    Insurance assists you in avoiding bankruptcy in emergency cases. Most insurance plans do not cover the most important methods that are used to diagnose the root causes of health problems, such as specialized lab testing services, thermography, EAV scanning, health and wellness products, and many other health care techniques that are commonly used very successfully in other countries.  

    We do not bill insurance. At the time of your visit, you are expected to pay for all the services we have provided. We believe health insurance coverage should not dictate your well-being. You should determine what is and isn't healthy for your unique body based upon sound advice from holistic health practitioners in instances when you are not immediately impaired with a life threatening injury or crisis that needs emergency healthcare intervention.  

    What is Homotoxicology?  

    Homotoxicology is a long word for a method of studying and applying illness and healing through anti-homotoxic therapy. What this basically means is that the toxic loan in your body that was impairing your health, is removed.This method was developed by Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg.  

    Is there a game plan?  

    There are guidelines we teach you about how to reach your wellness goals. Energetic Solutions can be put into four phases:

    • Stabilize - Used for acute situations (This may include Enzymes, Minerals, Probiotics, Vitamins, Essential Fatty Acids, etc.)

    • Vitalize - Build up your energy (Stabilize sleep, bowel regularity, hormone balance, neurotransmitter support, and improve energy levels)

    • Neutralize - Neutralize toxins (This is done by introducing Homotoxicology, Homeopathy and German drainage remedies)

    • Energize - Maintain wellness at peak levels