Free Shipping is available for MOST, BUT NOT ALL products when the purchase total is over $49.00 for product(s) purchased, however, restrictions apply, see below definitions.

  • Free shipping is NOT included for product purchases eligible for any other Patient Member discounts or coupon codes.  
  • Free shipping will NOT be provided when any other Patient Member discount is eligible due to patient volume purchases (3 or more products selected).***
  • Free shipping is NOT included when the product(s) selected is/are already set at Patient Member special pricing.
  • Free shipping INCLUDES protein and other powder product purchases ordered either as a single or multiple container powder order, INCLUDES orders of other individual powder type product purchases, and INCLUDES protein powder and other powder type products when combined together with any non-protein powder product purchases when Patient Member discounts or coupon codes are not applied. 
  • Free shipping INCLUDES shipping addresses only within the Continental USA, i.e., does not include Alaska or Hawaii.   
  • All orders eligible for free shipping will be shipped ONLY by first-class USPS mail unless required to be shipped by priority mail per USPS regulations due to the weight of packages exceeding 15 ounces.  
  • Customers are STRONGLY URGED to purchase shipping insurance for USPS First Class Mail.  No packages can be 100% guaranteed to be safely received by the customer.  Once a package is in the custody of USPS, FedEx, DHL, or UPS, which is verified by a shippers tracking number, the customer releases CNC from all liability for package delivery and the packages' contents value, and the customer agrees they will pursue lost or stolen packages, or package non-delivery refunds through communications with the shipper.
  • Customers are STRONGLY URGED to purchase shipping insurance to cover the total order cost for USPS First Class Mail packages and for any amount not covered by the set minimums of insurance inherent for USPS Priority and Express mail packages, and FedEx, DHL, or UPS package insurances. 
  • Customer complaints and claims for not receiving their package when USPS or FedEx, DHL, or UPS package tracking stipulates the package has been delivered will not be eligible for refunds nor replacements.   
  • The customer should consider having their packages delivered to a daytime address, such as a work address as an alternative to having USPS or other shipper leaving packages in mailboxes, inside storm screen doors, or at doorway entries where they may be stolen.
  • All customers are strongly urged to purchase shipping insurance to cover the entire amount of their purchase.  The customer understands and agrees that no coverage is included for Free First Class Shipping by CNC, and understands and agrees that Full coverage MAY not be included in USPS Priority Mail ( amount of insurance included is only up to $50.00 for the contents ) and USPS Express Mail shipping ( amount of insurance included is only up to $100.00 for the contents ).
  • The customer understands and agrees that no additional coverage is included by CNC for shipping through FedEx, DHL, or UPS shippers, and customer understands and agrees that all additional shipping insurance not automatically covered via FedEx, DHL, or UPS shippers' methods shall be purchased by the Customer.

The above exclusions are reflected within the checkout cart's final purchase amount.

For example, some products have a pre-set Patient Member special price so these products are NOT eligible for Patient / Client volume pricing. 

***When the total purchase is for 3 or more items and you do not see Patient Member special pricing applied to one or more products selected, this is because the product(s) you selected is/are already discounted prior to adding the products to the checkout cart.  Therefore, be mindful that the website is accurately reflecting some products from a few manufacturers which are NOT eligible for ADDITIONAL PATIENT MEMBER SPECIAL PRICING.  The shopping cart and final sale price will reflect such amounts eligible for either free shipping or whether a product is eligible for Patient Member special volume pricing.  

For purchases of 4 or more of these pre-set special priced products, any volume special pricing applied for these items will not be greater than 5% even though you selected 4 or more products.  When your order reflects a lower patient volume discount than you anticipated, that means you selected one or more products which are NOT eligible for any further price reductions.




When the Patient Member selects 3 or more eligible products, CNC will provide the Patient Member the greater cost savings of either 5% savings on 3 products, or 10% on 4 or more products purchased, OR the Free Shipping savings, whichever is the greater savings for the customer. 

Patient Members WILL NOT obtain both Free Shipping AND any eligible Patient Member Discounts.  This policy will be reflected in the checkout cart area and invoice.  Products already offering a special pre-set patient member discount are not eligible (see above definitions).

Some products are NOT eligible for ANY Patient Member discount and are not eligible for Free Shipping, and therefore, when the Patient Member decides themselves to manually calculate whether they obtained a 5 or 10% discount on a volume order, the amount of Patient Member discount on the entire order before shipping charges are added may NOT reflect the entire 5 or 10% discount.  The final checkout price is not a final checkout price error, the Patient Member will have determined one or more products are observed to not be eligible for Patient Member special pricing due the the products being set at special pricing prior to selection.  

If this is confusing, please call our office and we will explain our policy.  

To repeat, NOT ALL PRODUCTS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR PATIENT MEMBER SPECIAL PRICING or FREE SHIPPING, regardless of whether the non-eligible products purchased are over $49.00 in purchase amount.  IF you happen to select a product that is not eligible for free shipping due to its pre-set Patient Member special price, no matter how many containers you purchase, you will not obtain free shipping nor additional Patient Member special pricing upon checkout.

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