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    German Biological Medicine


    The fundamental theory of German biological medicine is that the body will function in a healthy manner after the burden of tissue toxicity is removed. German biological medicine is easily explained by understanding that one can restore health by going through the sequence of health deterioration in reverse order. 

    The seven organs of elimination must be healthy and functioning well to make full use of this protocol in order to remove waste and toxins efficiently through your system. At the same time, gastro-intestinal function should be improved to enable basic nutrients to be properly processed for absorption into the bloodstream. These are then able to be transported properly, for eventual assimilation into the tissues and cell areas.

    The body heals from damage and degenerative conditions in a sequence documented by Dr. Hans Reckeweg, MD, and his theory of reverse vicariation. In a nutshell, the body heals in the reverse order in which it became dysfunctional or became dis-ordered. The theory is now widely accepted in non-traditional medical theory and practice, and is well proven by patient experience and therapeutic efficacy.

    Toxins from the outside world can enter our bodies through our:

    • Intestines, via food and liquids
    • Lungs, via the air
    • Skin, via many sources, including the air, liquids, topical residues, fragrance, etc...

    Exogenous or external toxins that do enter our bodies include:

    • Chemical off-gassing (construction building materials, paints, carpets, clothing, perfumes, lotions…);
    • Combustion products (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, LP, natural gas, wood, and other fuel burning exhaust substances…);
    • Food additives (artificial preservatives, coloring, flavorings, and vaccines…);
    • Food chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and vaccines…);
    • Heavy metals (dental mercury, tobacco cadmium, cosmetic & hair salon metals, and vaccines…);
    • Industrial chemicals (petroleum & fuel liquids, antifreeze fluids, cleaning products, occupational solvents, and vaccines…);
    • Lawn & Garden Chemicals (herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers…);
    • Skin products (lotions, makeup, perfumes, colognes, laundry soap & softeners, soap fillers, cleansers…);
    • Recreational and pharmaceutical drugs (metabolic man-made chemical residues…);
    • Tobacco products purposefully chewed or inhaled as smoke, and second hand smoke, etc.

    Endogenous or internal-sourced toxins are produced by normal metabolism in the cells. Both endogenous and exogenous toxins must be removed from the tissue, detoxified, and eliminated via the urine, bile, breath, and sweat. However, when the organs of detoxification and elimination are overwhelmed, or the excretion is suppressed, the body then accumulates even more toxins and symptoms may develop which reflect the accumulation of excessive toxins in the various connective tissue matrix organ compartments.


    When beginning our Health Recovery Program, elimination of these toxins is stimulated by professional homeopathic/herbal therapies. This may stimulate you to experience the symptoms in reverse order. This was explained above as “reverse vicariation”, such as initially experiencing fever, mild headaches, skin eruptions, diarrhea, foul breath, etc. The strong elimination symptoms can be reduced by drinking plenty of clean filtered reverse osmosis water, taking certain remedies at a lower dose to ease into this elimination sequences, and beginning therapy by initially stimulating drainage detoxification in the organs and channels of elimination. Strong elimination symptoms will usually resolve in a few days to a few weeks, but the goal is to minimize or avoid the “healing crisis” type of elimination symptoms.

    The healing process will take time, as most patients have diseases or illnesses which developed as processes occurring over time. They will also require a process of time to reverse. The healing process and health restoration also takes time as the process of continuing to administer the remedies is an ongoing reminder to the body and cells to keep eliminating its toxic burden. The acupuncture tradition has a rule of thumb regarding the length of time to resolve a chronic condition: A condition will generally resolve in about 20% of the time it has been present or in evolution.

    The professional products and remedies prescribed for patients have an energetic component, which means they act on an unseen aspect of the body, which we shall call the soul. We assume that such an effect on the unseen “energetic” realm because homeopathic medicine is effective at concentrations where there is no remaining measureable molecular substance left within the administered remedies. Homeopathic remedies are prepared by repeated dilution and succussion. Some of the remedies are awesomely powerful spagyric herbal extracts.

    The soul holds the divinely imprinted pattern and blueprint of maximal health for each body. Administering the homeopathic remedy and their energy patterns stimulates the soul to exert a normalizing force on the cells, tissues, and organs, to encourage the cells to eliminate the patterns of irritation caused by the buildup of toxic substances. The action of the soul on the cells and tissues of the body causes the cells to activate and eliminate the substances which do not conform to the soul’s known perfect pattern of health. Thus, homeopathic remedies do not themselves provide health, but rather the remedies stimulate the body to restore health by activating the cellular matrix and exerting force on the body to eliminate the interfering toxic agents. 

    CNC invites you to experience the ability for your body to detoxify and heal itself by introducing German biological medicine into your regular healthcare regiment, for health restoration from diseases, illnesses, and imbalances. German biological medicine should be also used to maintain the maximal level of health.