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Fusing the latest healthcare technologies with the healing power of natural health and wellness products.

Clinical Nutrition Centers was formed to provide everyone with an opportunity to improve their health and wellness through a comprehensive analysis of personal, functional medicine, laboratory assessment, genetic DNA markers, natural healthcare services, and professional, nutritional supplement consultations with expert directions. Our goal is to educate, counsel, and advise patients on vital health issues involving:

  • Restoring ideal cellular nutrition and chemistry

  • Restoring organ function and hormone balance

  • Safe and effective methods of customized whole-body detoxification

  • Selecting the most bio-compatible type of professional health and wellness product and dietary selections that work best for each individual

  • Emotional and mental well-being

  • The importance of regular exercise and dietary changes based upon genetics and lab findings

To help you achieve this goal, we incorporate a multiple-step healing strategy that allows the body to progressively move forward to a successful state of optimum health. We implement state-of-the-art European health assessment technologies to assist in achieving these goals.When indicated, we also use a blend of specialized and functional on-site and off-site laboratory testing, to detect metabolic, hormonal, and digestive imbalances.  

Our off-site lab testing services are also able to determine genetic DNA variants that often reveal the following:

  • Nutritional intervention

  • Cellular biochemistry errors and imbalances

  • Food sensitivities or intolerances

  • Heavy metal toxicity

  • Abnormal levels of unwanted intestinal parasite, bacteria, or fungal infections.

We are able to customize a remedy program by combining the product bio-compatibility testing with the laboratory results, to determine the precise therapies your body will need in order to heal properly.

Some of the programs we integrate include:

  • European EAV

  • Bio-Energetic Meridian Assessment (BEMA)

  • Biocompatible nutritional remedy selection technology

  • Custom cellular detoxification cleansing programs

  • Laser allergy elimination methods

  • Voltage therapies

  • And more that are designed to help you get to and stay in great health

We look forward to accompanying you on this vital and life-enhancing journey!

The methods used by Clinical Nutrition Centers, are founded on our philosophy that no two people have the exact same health status or genetic strengths and weaknesses, even if they have the same symptoms or are given the same diagnosis. This is because health status is a combination of genetics, the lifetime development of nutrient deficiencies or excesses, and the lifelong exposure to and buildup of cellular toxic loads.

This means that the needs of every patient are not the same when it comes to corrective health measures. Therefore, no two people should be advised or prescribed the same regiment of natural health and wellness products, let alone be told to take the same products month after month, or year after year.  

Furthermore, our bodies are bio-dynamic, meaning they attempt to heal or restore their normal cellular function (homeostasis) and overall health on a daily basis, throughout our lifetime. This means as you live your life, your body’s specific supplemental, herbal, or nutritional needs may at times change weekly, monthly, or even seasonally as cells and organs seek to establish or maintain homeostasis.

Under the custom nutrition programs at Clinical Nutrition Centers, we use technology to detect what organ weaknesses you currently have and determine the exact products that are bio-compatible for improving their weaknesses and performance. There is no guessing! Since all of our patients are unique, all of our programs are unique as well. This method enables your organs to successfully begin to function at a higher capacity. In a short explanation, the absolute incorrect way to improve or maintain your health, is failing to make proper nutritional health and wellness product changes, and accurate selections in natural supplementation throughout the year.

Have you ever wondered why the “nutritional” products you take, slowly become less helpful or evan make you feel lousy when they were supposed to make you feel better? Have you ever wondered why when you stop taking health and wellness products, you get left with the same symptoms as if you had never taken any products at all?  

The answer is that the “natural” products you take act as a drug or a band-aid; they never solved the root cause of the problem.

Today, many "health advisors" and practitioners fail to use the available technology that customizes therapeutic selection to ensure each patient receives the accurate health and wellness products and accurate dosages that are uniquely specific to each person.  

Since there are so many options available in the marketplace today regarding herbal, homeopathic, and natural health supplements, your chances of selecting and taking the right products, in the right sequence, at the right time, and in the right dosages, are nearly impossible. Why not allow our professional and licensed staff at Clinical Nutrition Centers to help you find the best and most bio-compatible homeopathic supplement and health and wellness products that are customized for you and your unique cellular imbalances?

Contact Clinical Nutrition Centers to find out more about our Bio-energetic assessment technologies, functional medicine lab testing services and learn how you can improve your health today!

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