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    Orders will be shipped as soon as possible, but due to randomly unexpected manufacturer raw material supply delays, products are placed into manufacturer back order statuses and CNC is not informed of this change in product availability in advance. 

    Since Covid, at times orders may take 1-2 weeks OR longer to ship due to many Brands' raw materials shortages and backorders. Customers are advised to be very patient after placing an order, and to always consider ordering products 2-4 weeks in advance of desiring product delivery.

    CNC does not guarantee all products are in stock and ready for immediate shipping when orders are placed.  If the customer orders a product not in CNC's current possession, CNC will order fresh new bottles of products.  This circumstance means that any shipping delays are due to CNC recently ordering these same products for customers in order to fulfill the newer customer orders.  Although CNC strives to ship all orders within 1-5 business days of being processed, delays may occur based on product availability, when the order was placed, and the volume of orders for any Brand's single product in CNC's fulfillment queue.

    There are always shipping delivery delays across the board by shipping companies, i.e., USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc., and since Covid, delivery dates are being underestimated by those shippers.

    Shipment tracking numbers are automatically sent to the email address the customer provided to CNC as their username when the customer created a CNC account. When customers misspell their email address and/or provide errant telephone numbers, customers will not be able to receive order communications from CNC, as email and telephone are the only methods for CNC to communicate with customers.

    CNC advises all customers to triple check their spelling of all data entered when setting up their account.

    When customers do receive a tracking number via email, but believe the expected delivery date has passed, please be aware packages are either still in transit and will be delivered; or the package is possibly lost by the shipper if the shipper's tracking number does not reveal the package was delivered.  CNC is not responsible for replacing orders or for refunds for packages which are stolen from customer’s mailboxes or other common customer locations at buildings which shippers deliver packages. The customer understands that purchasing shipment insurance for package delivery only covers the customer when the package is lost or damaged by the shipper during shipping. If the customer knows packages may be stolen from their delivery address, customers are advised to select an alternate shipping destination, such as their place of work, a PO Box, or other safe address destination.

    Due to Covid-19 and pandemic related health concerns, like most other businesses, CNC adopted a new business policy where ALL SALES ARE FINAL after the products have begun the process of shipping to the customer.  This policy protects YOU the customer. Due to Covid-19, CNC will not accept returns once products are shipped, unless CNC shipped the incorrect product. 

    Once payment processing has been completed by CNC, any requests for refunds will be conditionally permitted solely based upon CNC's unilateral decision, whereby refunds will incur a 20% re-stocking fee charged to the customer for two credit card processing fees, shipping, and handling fees. 

    CNC does not provide refunds are provided for opened containers.  The customer is expected to have ordered the correct product(s) desired.  Upon the customer opening the shipped package, CNC advises the customer to compare the products' label(s) with the enclosed invoice when the product(s) are received.  In the rare case that CNC shipped the incorrect product, the customer is expected to not breach the product(s) safety seals and to not open the product container(s) prior to notifying CNC that CNC shipped the incorrect product.

    CNC will provide 100% store credit if the customer contacts CNC prior to CNC shipping the order when the customer desires to change the products ordered.  When the customer desires to cancel any order that has not had the payment processed and the order has not shipped, CNC is happy to void the payment data and cancel the order, resulting in no monetary exchange.  All customer inquiries should be in writing via the customer's account email messaging system, where customers are expected to sign into their CNC account and use the website's messaging service to notice CNC that they wish to change their order.   

    TRIPLE CHECK THAT PRODUCTS PLACED IN THE SHOPPING CART ARE ACCURATE FOR PRODUCT SELECTION BEFORE ENTERING PAYMENT DATA AND CHECKING OUT OF THE SHOPPING CART.  When customers mistakenly order the incorrect product(s) and/or product sizes and CNC does process the payment data and does ship such products, CNC will not provide any refunds, but will provide a conditional store credit after the customer has paid for the shipping to return the unopened item(s) minus a 20% processing fee.  Returns of unopened products are conditional, return requests must be in writing via email including a full explanation of the customers' incorrect product selection(s).  CNC does not offer refunds for opened product containers after CNC inspects such product containers shipped back to CNC.

    The customer (purchaser) has full legal authority to use the credit card's data which is entered at checkout and authorizes CNC to process the credit card payment.

    Due to Covid-19 and related raw materials supply chain shortages, there are many Brands that cannot keep all their products in stock at all times, and many Brands are experiencing lengthy backorders. This results in delays for CNC receiving the products CNC has ordered. For customer orders of such Brand backordered products, CNC will ship to customers as soon as CNC has such products in CNC’s possession. IT MAY TAKE UP TO 30 DAYS TO COMPLETE SHIPPING OF YOUR SELECTED PRODUCT DUE TO BRANDS EXTENDED BACKORDER STATUSES.

    "Manual Verification Required” order status messages emailed to the purchaser simply means CNC is reviewing the credit card payment data for fraud prevention and final payment approval. During this time, CNC has not received the customer’s payment, therefore, an order's "payment" is factually considered "pending" and not completed by the credit card bank until CNC accepts the payment. Therefore, the customer's credit card bank still retains a hold on the funds allocated to CNC and CNC has NOT processed the payment. When CNC accepts payment, the order status will state "Awaiting Fulfillment" or “Shipped”.

    The Customer has verified that the billing, shipping & email address data entries are accurate, and have reviewed all spelling entries prior to final checkout completion. Customers who incorrectly spell shipping & email addresses will cause shipping & email delivery errors and delays not caused by CNC.

    Order and Fulfillment updates are sent to the email address data entered and submitted to set up the customer's account. Misspelled email addresses causes purchase orders to not be delivered by email. Therefore, the customer will not receive an order invoice confirmation, nor receive shipping confirmation, nor receive a package tracking number due to incorrect data input by the purchaser/customer, unless all data typed into customer account data fields are spelled correctly.

    Changes to orders must be made prior to the customer's order having generated a shipment confirmation & tracking number. If the customer has misspelled their email address which is the customers' account username, the customer understands they will not receive a shipping tracking number in a timely manner.  If the Customer decides to cancel the order after shipment has commenced, the Customer agrees to pay for all shipping charges necessary for the ordered items to be returned to CNC.

    Orders are shipped ASAP pending CNC's immediate inventory levels and/or Brand manufacturer inventory levels and Brands' backordered product status. CNC highly recommends ordering 2 weeks or more in advance of wanting products shipped. Most orders should ship within 1-5 days AFTER CNC accepts payments, but may be delayed 2 weeks or more pending Brands’ products availability.

    The purchaser extends to CNC the reasonable time necessary to process and ship the order, which on rare occasions may take up to 1-2 weeks OR longer, when any products ordered are on a Brand manufacturer backorder status.

    Customer accepts that delayed shipping and delivery times may be experienced by the shipping companies, USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and are due to weather, Covid-19 pandemic related, labor shortages, etc., and any other reasons they randomly experience. Shippers’ weather, "Covid-19", "pandemic", and/or labor shortages related shipping delays are not the responsibility of CNC, and are therefore not acceptable reasons for cancelling any orders. In these cases, no refunds are provided for delayed deliveries for shipments requested as overnight or any requested prioritized 2-3 day expedited delivery methods.

    Thank you for your order. CNC hopes you stay healthy and safe during this post "Corona Virus Covid-19" time. CNC wishes you the best of health and hope to provide to customers many more favorable shopping and fulfillment services to provide to customers the best health and wellness products found all on one website.