How Feline Renal Support Assists With Kidney, Liver, & Cardiovascular Health

If you’re a cat person, you’d probably do anything for your beloved pet. Hopefully, that includes healthy meals, regular pet visits, and all the love and attention they can tolerate. But something that is easy to overlook is your cat’s internal health. As cats age, some of the most common issues arise in their kidneys. Your cat’s renal health should be something you are taking very seriously, as it affects many other parts of their bodies. Fortunately, Clinical Nutrition Centers offer standard process feline renal support. Learn more below.

Essential Toxin Removal

The kidneys are an essential organ to all mammals. Their function is to remove toxins from the blood, maintain water balance, and produce important hormones. Functioning kidneys produce urine and, just like in humans, a cat can survive just fine with only one functioning kidney. When kidneys begin to fail, the body loses the ability to properly maintain homeostasis. Cats cannot live without at least one functioning kidney, which is why it is so important to support their renal health. 

The Link Between Systems

The kidneys, liver, and cardiovascular system are linked in ways that may not be obvious. The kidneys and liver both function to filter toxins out of the body. The cardiovascular system, like the kidneys, plays a role in volume regulation and has an effect on the endocrine system. If one of these systems isn’t functioning properly, it has an effect on the other systems. As a result, one of the best things you can do for your cat’s overall health is support their kidneys. 

How Standard Process Feline Renal Support Can Help

Standard Process Feline Renal Support facilitates the natural rehabilitation of your kitty’s kidneys. It provides the nutrition needed for every aspect of proper functioning of the urinary system. Clinical Nutrition Centers offer the most clinically effective natural and nutritionally based supplements that we customize to each individual patient to get the best health outcomes. We know how important your cat’s health is to you and we can provide the Standard Process Feline Renal Support your best friend needs. 

How to Administer Standard Process Feline Renal Support

The tablet should be administered as directed, once or twice per day. It can be given whole or crushed, directly or mixed with food, and sometimes mixed with water in an oral syringe. It may help your cat feel more comfortable if you place the tablet by their food bowl for a few days before introducing it to their food.

Renal health is very important to your cat’s overall health and quality of life. If you care about your kitty, make sure their kidneys are being supported. Clinical Nutrition Centers offer the Standard Process Feline Renal Support your best friend needs to stay healthy and happy. Get yours today! 

29th Dec 2021

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