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    Supplements That Will Aid Digestion

    Posted by Clinical Nutrition Centers on

    The holidays are right around the corner, and for many people that means numerous holiday parties, baking cookies, and a plethora of decadent treats. If you’re like most people during the holiday season, you’ve probably already suffered through your fair share of stomach aches, indigestion, and a number of other unpleasant symptoms due to the overwhelming amount of sugar you’re consuming. It’s normal to encounter this dilemma during the holiday season, and in today’s post, we will discuss a few natural vitamin supplements that you can take to help aid your digestion system.

    At Clinical Nutrition Centers, our mission is to help our patients reach an optimal level of wellness. Whether you’re suffering from a chronic illness, you feel you need to start taking more vitamins, or you’re simply looking for new ways to improve your health, our doctor can help you find the perfect natural vitamin supplements for your needs. We offer a variety of services that are designed to help you heal your body and live your life to the fullest. If you are interested in learning more about what our clinic can do, contact Clinical Nutrition Centers today to schedule an appointment with our doctor.

    Why Natural Supplements Are Better

    When you eat too many sugary sweets at a holiday party, you most likely turn to your favorite over-the-counter medications. These medications for upset stomachs and indigestion might work some of the time, but they may not work as quickly as you want them to, they only work for a short amount of time, or they don’t work at all. Additionally, most over-the-counter medications for digestion problems contain either proton-pump inhibitors or H2 blockers, which reduce the acid production in your stomach. However, they also reduce your stomach’s ability to absorb nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin B12, magnesium, and more! For this reason, it’s better to use natural vitamin supplements to aid your stomach than over-the-counter medication you can buy at the store.

    Digestive Enzymes

    If your stomach is feeling upset after yet another cookie or delicious morsel, you may want to keep some digestive enzymes on hand to help your stomach process the food you’ve recently consumed. These handy little enzymes can be found either in a capsule form or in certain foods. The great thing about digestive enzymes is that they work with the enzymes your body produces naturally to aid the digestion of food. Some of the foods that naturally contain digestive enzymes include:

    • Honey
    • Banana
    • Pineapple
    • Avocado
    • Kimchi
    • Ginger
    • More!

    You can easily find these foods in your local grocery store, so it’s easy to have them on hand, especially around the holidays. It also doesn’t hurt to carry a few digestive enzyme capsules in your pocket or purse for times when you may need an extra boost on the go.


    In addition to containing natural digestive enzymes, ginger also contains its own useful properties for helping your digestive problems. This herb is great if you’re suffering from nausea, an upset stomach, or stomach cramps. All you need to do is consume a small amount of ginger root and it will help ease your symptoms. The best part about ginger root is that it is available in numerous forms, making it extremely easy to have on hand. You can buy it at the grocery store in the produce department and grate it to make a soothing ginger tea, or you can go to your local health food store and buy it in a capsule if you’re looking for a more potent effect.


    Just like ginger root, peppermint is used to not only aid digestion, but also can be used for a variety of other symptoms. Often when you eat a lot of sugary treats around the holidays, you not only feel slightly sick to your stomach, but you also feel bloated, have gas, and a number of other problems. If you’re feeling uncomfortable and slightly sick overall, peppermint is a great option. Peppermint has been used for centuries to cure muscle soreness, digestion, bloating, flatulence, digestive oclic, a sluggish digestive system, IBS, and so much more! When your system needs a boost, you can easily make a cup of peppermint tea, place dried peppermint in boiling water, or even add a couple drops of peppermint right on your tongue!

    Interested in More Natural Vitamin Supplements?

    These are just a few easy remedies that you can try to aid your upset stomach this holiday season. If you’re suffering from a chronic illness or you’re simply looking for more natural vitamin supplements to have on hand, Clinical Nutrition Centers is here to help! We offer a variety of supplements, as well as expert advice on how you can reach your optimal level of wellness. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

    We look forward to meeting you!