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    Volcana Life





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    All VOLCANA LIFE products are available for purchase once you are a member Customer, Client, or Patient.  Why not email us, we will provide you with a free short complimentary initial consultation making you eligible to purchase the products in the future without delay.

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    Become a Member to obtain Member Benefits such as member pricing and exclusive patient discounts, or if you are already a customer, client, or patient member, please Sign In to your Member account to order VOLCANA LIFE products without calling.

    You may leave a voice mail message with your order and we will contact you following business day to confirm your order and payment details.


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    If you have previously ordered or ever received any Volcana Life product from Clinical Nutrition Centers, such as PANDAN, Serenoa, Female Pro, or others, you may Sign In now to your Member account to view, shop, and re-order Volcana Life Products, or email us. 

    Become a Member to obtain Member Benefits or if you are already a Clinical Nutrition Centers Member or Patient, please Sign In to your Member account to order Volcana Life products without calling.  

    Clinical Nutrition Centers is a LICENSED Physician Distributor for the entire line of Volcana Life Products:

    Volcana Life PANDAN            Volcana Life SERENOA

    Volcana Life FEMALE PRO     Volcana Life BLUMEA

    Volcana Life SAMBONG         Volcana Life DBS

    Volcana Life MALUNGAY       Volcana Life LA BUENA

    Volcana Life HERBAL TRIM   Volcana Life PARA-L

    Volcana Life PRO MENSE       Volcana Life MARCODERM

    If you are not a member or patient, Volcana Life requires that their products be initially prescribed by a LICENSED DOCTOR before you may purchase their products.  Our staff licensed physician is happy to prescribe to you products from the entire Volcana Life product line, including Volcana Life PANDAN, so email us to complete a free one-time complimentary consultation taking only a few minutes to complete.  

    With your email and free consultation you become a Clinical Nutrition Centers member or patient giving you member access to place future online orders and view member or patient pricing.  For future orders you will be able to Sign In to your Member account to order Volcana Life products.  We wish to assist you in expertly improving your health and completing your order so please email us to become a member or patient.  

    This free consultation can be completed in person  or email.  Email for your consultation and to get to order Volcana Life PANDAN, Serenoa, Female Pro, La Buena, Pro Mense, Herbal Trim, Blumea, Sambong, Malungay DBS, Para-L, and their other products.  

    If you experience difficulty purchasing the Volcana Life products on checkout, please call our office to make an order by phone, we are more than happy to assist you in your purchase and create your member account to make your future orders easier to complete.

    In order to welcome you as our new customer we will also offer you free shipping on orders over $49.00 USD.