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Master Supplements, U.S. Enzymes and Tomorrow’s Nutrition Pro all came together to become collectively stronger. While each company had its specialty, together Healthcare Professionals now have access to a full range of probiotic, enzyme and fiber supplements.



Master Supplements’ probiotic products rely on high quality strains, patented deep delivery, and the prebiotic LactoStim®, which dramatically enhances probiotic growth and activity. Our philosophy is based on the fact that Lactobacillus bacteria and Bifidobacteria affect the immune system differently, colonize specific areas of the G.I. tract, and should therefore be supplemented accordingly.

U.S. Enzymes offers a full line of powerful enzyme supplements, some offering broad support while others were designed for a targeted approach. Certain formulations support digestive health and others work systemically, allowing for customized enzymatic protocols.

Tomorrow’s Nutrition Pro offers a wide range of products with simple active ingredients that are supported by research and proven efficacy. The SunFiber ® ingredient is the most clinically studied fiber source on the planet and is a perfect combination for probiotics and enzymes.

All told, these three Minnesota-based companies are now stronger together. We share the core values of high-quality, honesty, and most importantly helping people.

Our Enzymes


We are dedicated to bringing enzymes to the world. We have researched every enzyme product line in the marketplace and have found none to be of equal quality. The following five factors are the pillars that determine the quality of a finished enzyme product.


Japanese enzymes are still considered to be the standard against which all other enzymes are compared. This is because the Japanese invented fermentation and have been perfecting it for thousands of years.


We don’t dilute our enzymes with a bunch of fillers or other unnecessary ingredients. This will only slow down the acceleration of digestion or recuperation in the body. If you’re paying for enzymes then you should be getting enzymes.


When you want to know how much work a particular enzyme will perform these numbers will tell you.  Enzyme activity numbers are equivalent to a cars horsepower- the larger the number the faster they can get from point A to point B.


This represents the number of different enzymes that are in a specific formulation. Here’s a breakdown of the 120 different digestive enzyme products that were recently compared. These are the numbers of different enzymes per capsule.

Our digestive enzyme products contain 23 separate and distinct enzymes. Some companies will perform different assays on the same enzyme and then list them as three different enzymes on their labels.


Glass bottles are the ultimate barrier from the harsh environment and there is no substitute. Non-absorbent rayon is used in combination with moisture-absorbing desiccants in every bottle. Flip-top lids are convenient, fast and easy to use. And under every lid is a tamper-proof heat seal barrier that guarantees purity as well as safety. All outer lid seals are tamper-evident.


  • TheraXYM DR by US Enzymes 93 vegecaps
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    TheraXYM DR by US Enzymes 93 vegecaps

    US Enzymes
    DESCRIPTION Theraxym™ is a blend of ten (10) full spectrum plant based, proteolytic enzymes that support the health and function of the immune, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and respiratory systems.* This product has been tested for...

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